Zoom Will Not Encrypt Free Calls

Zoom will not encrypt phone calls made from the free version of the application according to Zoom chief, executive Eric Yuan.

For those that utilize free Zoom calls to remotely work collaboratively with their coworkers remotely, Zoom has officially stated that, while they are working to revamp security to include changing default settings and offering end-to-end encryption, The users of the free version of Zoom will not gain access to the end-to-end encryption.

Yuan states that this is because the company has an interest in working with the FBI should anyone utilize their service for nefarious purposes. In its current state, Zoom conversations are encrypted at the sending location and the receiving location however, they are decrypted when they pass through the Zoom servers. A zoom representative told The Independent that Zoom does not actively monitor phone conversations and that this policy is to ensure that Zoom only offers full encryption to users that they can verify, whereas free users only provide their email information.

With the changing dynamics of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, security within Zoom conference calls recently became a public issue after numerous reports of Zoom Bombing were made public. Recently, the security of having Zoom installed on your computer came under fire when a Zero-day was identified that allowed hackers to take remote control of Mac computers.

Remote collaboration security will surely grow as a focus for both cyber-security professionals and hackers as the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and what it means to individual businesses. JLGOV stays on top of these stories as they develop and will continue to update this post as well as others with more information.

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