Windows Removes KB4524244 Update Following Complaints

After user reported issues with system freezes and invalid boot keys, Microsoft has pulled the standalone update KB4524244, that was originally intended to address issues within the third-party Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot managers for windows versions 1607 through 1909.

Previously, Bleeping Computer and some customers on Reddit reported user complaints regarding the KB4524244 update. These complaints ranged from Installation issues to complete system freezes from HP, Apple systems running windows, and some Intel devices. Many of these complaints stemmed from the third party UEFI no longer recognizing the boot keys as valid. While some systems have been able to catch the issues and self repair, other systems have not Windows has removed the update entirely.

On the 15th of this month, Microsoft has put an end to the update in what appears to be a response to customer complaints. Their cite now states that they are removing the update and it will not be re-offered. Microsoft has offered the solution of uninstalling the update using update history and uninstalling the updated (KB4524244). This can be a process many have never done before so I broke it down below. There has been no official word on what security measures Windows will release to fix the underlying issue between Windows 10 and third-party UEFIs.

To Remove The Update

If you have been experiencing freezing issues or your computer says that your boot keys are not valid (or you simply want to remove the now defunct update) follow the following steps to remove the update:

  1. Search for Update History in the Windows Search bar at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Choose the option that pops up and at the top of the window, choose “Uninstall Updates”
  1. When the following screen pops up, search for the update named KB4524244.
  1. Right click on that update and click “Uninstall”

After it processes restart your computer if it does not prompt you just to be sure and you will be done.

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